Estate Planning & Administration

Although many think that estate planning is only for the rich, an estate plan is important for everyone to have. You have worked hard all your life to support your family and loved ones and you want to continue to do so by passing on to them all that you diligently obtained with the greatest ease and in the most cost efficient manner.


If there is only one legal document that you produce, it should be a simple Will. This basic document will assure that your dependents are properly cared for and that your assets are distributed in a way that you determine. Though still administered though probate court, your Will dictates how, when, and to whom your estate will be distributed.


Trusts are legal mechanisms that let you put conditions on how and when your assets will be distributed upon your death. A will is subject to the cost, delay and publicity of probate court but with a trust you can distribute your assets without probate and also reduce your estate and gift taxes.


Probate is a contentious and daunting area of the law. Help your heirs avoid probate by properly planning your estate with Mary Christerson Torrez. If a loved one has died and you are heading into the quagmire of probate, let us help you navigate these murky waters to quickly and easily move the estate along so that all the beneficiaries can benefit.

Business Formation & Planning

A well-planned and properly executed business plan and formation gives your company the strong foundation it needs to succeed. Protect yourself, your partners, investors and assets with the assistance of experienced legal counsel.

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